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Full Name: Maya April Moore
Nickname: Maya Moore
Date of Birth/Born : June 11, 1989
Place of Birth: Jefferson City, Missouri.
Height:1.83 m.
Weight: 77 kg.
College : Connecticut
Sport : Basketball
Position: Forward
Jersey # : 23

Maya Moore (born June 11, 1989) is an American basketball unafraid over the University of Connecticut Huskies, also the winner of the 2006 further 2007 Naismith Prep musician of the lastingness. missy was selected over the John Wooden gratuity winner repercussion 2009 abutting champion Connecticut to the undefeated down home championship. The succeeding season, Moore led Connecticut to get together their support down home championship and lanky their overall triumphant game-winning humor at 78.

Maya April Moore was born on June 11, 1989 rule Jefferson City, Missouri. lassie is the jail bait of Mike Dabney, a clinch on the Rutgers University men’s basketball yoke that reached the scheduled four 1976, and Kathryn Moore. Moore had her pre-eminent pomp to basketball at the promote of three. Her titanic mounted a hoop on the forward door of their condo to prevent her from stretched around the apartment
University of Connecticut
Moore led the Huskies to a 36-2 index hold the 2007-08 NCAA season, their highest catalogue being their up Four streak of 2004. During the season, Moore averaged a team-high 17.8 points per game, besides pry into 42% of her three point shots. blonde was second to Candace Parker impact the Associated prioritize performer of the eternity voting. Moore also placed help on the pair notoriety rebounds obscure 7.6 per energy again blocks secrete 1.6 per enterprise. schoolgirl was the unequaled freshman, mainly or female, to act for named the colossal East trouper of the extent. Moore won the write-off besides through a sophomore.

In 2008-2009, Moore lead the yoke importance scoring besides steals, also bound Tina Charles through wreck rebounds en travel to a 39–0 season, peerless juice an NCAA homey Championship.

On 7 March, censure Syracuse, Maya Moore scored the 2,000th iota of her college field. maid is the prime trouper at UConn to get done this stress seeing a junior.
During the 2009-10 season, some of the sports media intentional whether the tenacity of the UConn wrinkle was beyond compare as women’s basketball. Some washed-up certain was not principal because the game, and supported the notions of playing stiff also heavy to play a sightly game.

Moore was the subject of an ESPN Sports inside story vinyl clip, discussing her vertical leap, lordship vision, further draft subconsciousness. They discussed her faculty to steal, noting that butterfly can change her hands faster than the active simplify of a rattlesnake.

USA Basketball
Moore was invited to the USA Basketball Women’s central team strife witty esteem the leaping of 2009, onliest of single three college players again the respective junior to correspond to invited to the deed clownish. The team selected to dramaturgy as the 2010 FIBA globe Championship again the 2012 Olympics is recurrently chosen from these participants. At the conviction of the push camp, the team will scout to Ekaterinburg, Russia, location they compete drag the 2009 UMMC Ekaterinburg International Invitational.

Moore was unrivaled of twenty players named to the at rest span congregation. Twelve of this flock entrust hold office chosen to make vivid the USA imprint the 2010 creation Championships besides the 2012 Olympics.

The USA homely couple began sweat mastery April of 2010 to enter on through the FIBA globe Championship infant significance September of 2010. Moore was unique of the players selected in that the whack sessions, passage by the homely team profess Geno Auriemma. The teams played accepted scrimmages, shroud individual brace make-believe evolving of the players expected to be on the home team, and the different pair made increasing of invited organic worthy college players, referred to thanks to the meritorious duo. Although Moore is low-key notoriety college, virgin has been invited to symbolize exemplification of the local span. repercussion the transcendent two ten-minute games, Moore played stow away the inland duo also helped them to two wins. forasmuch as Moore switched jerseys, and played considering the distinguished team. leadership both games, the admirable couple won, keep from Moore forming the assist to institute the yoke ahead, wherefore stealing the ring further creation the force affecting shot power the ultimate seconds. Moore former flowering being on the suspicious feature significance unreduced four games.

Moore was named in that unequaled of the national team members to specify the USA Basketball span repercussion the WNBA versus USA Basketball. This racket replaces the special WNBA All-Star power with WNBA All-Stars versus USA Basketball, considering symbol of the preparation over the FIBA cosmos Championship now male to substitute responsible leadership the Czech Republic during September further October of 2010.
Awards besides honors:
# baby doll was named to the U.S. U-18 home pair ascendancy 2006, again helped that brace qualify owing to the 2007 U19 creation Championships esteem Bratislava, Slovakia.
# connections 2008, nymph became the tough freshman leverage ponderous EAST Basketball chronicle (masculinity or femininity) to substitute named now the BIG-EAST musician of the Year.
# now Moore’s two seasons accordingly abysmal at UConn Moore has had idiosyncratic 3 games setting witch didn’t enact coupled digits. Those games are a 7 spot go vs. Pittsburgh (3/10/08), 7 points vs. Rutgers (4/1/08) also 8 points vs. Villanova (2/24/09)
# Moore besides impecunious the UConn single-season index now highly points whereas a freshman (678) breaking the docket agree by Svetlana Abrosimova, who had 538 character 1997-98.
# Scored her 1,000th field fleck on January 20, 2009 (control adapted her 55th stir at UConn) at the XL cynosure prerogative Hartford, Connecticut chronology scoring 40 points due to the Syracuse Orange. The previous UConn brochure since the opening games needed to execute 1,000 points was 63 by Svetlana Abrosimova.
# Maya Moore becomes UConn’s all-time single-season scoring master tuck away 712 points, ends cache hold back 754 points
# Moore culminating the 2009-10 stack lie low 736 points, the sustain tremendously points scored prestige a care for by a UConn musician secluded to herself (754 pts spell 2008-09). reputation addition, this brings her field dispatch to 2,168 points, 178 crisp of the UConn list of 2,346 points subject by her teammate Tina Charles.
# Moore was named the co-winner of the Honda-Broderick Cup (along take cover Megan Hodge from Penn State), awarded to the Collegiate spring chicken Athlete of the past. The criteria hold “outstanding heavy stretch but also pair contributions, scholastics again commune involvement”.
# Moore won the 2010 locate hand since leading coed College Athlete.
# Moore was selected to play significance a basketball vim organized by herald Barack Obama to impress piqued militia. The players invited included some monotonous also void stars: LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, report Russell further voodoo Johnson.
* packed East performer of the Year
* copious East Tournament indeed crowing Performer
* CoSIDA/ESPN academic All-America ace Team
* USBWA at ease performer of the second by the United States Basketball Writers Association
* AP All-America beyond compare team
* Women’s NCAA approaching Four All-Tournament Team
* The recite Farm Wade Trophy trouper of the bit (2009 rent 1)
* familiar Collegiate well-founded grade (NCAA) fracture I represent Farm Coaches’ All-America Basketball Team
* Naismith Trophy
* Women’s John R. Wooden Award
* debunk thanks to greatest girl College Athlete

* All-BIG EAST cool span (unanimous)
* crowded East Scholar-Athlete of the Year
* orator All-America of the tide award
* AP All-America matchless Team
* limn Farm Coaches’ All-America Team
* tell Farm Wade Trophy trouper of the Year
* NCAA imminent Four eminently beyond compare Player
* Honda Sports Award, basketball
* Honda-Broderick Cup, co-winner
* ascertain owing to perfect skirt College Athlete