Maya Moore Boyfriend,Pics

Maya Moore Boyfriend,Pics: Congratulations to Maya Moore (photo at left) and the UCONN Women's Basketball team. UCONN set a new college basketball record of 89 straight wins. In other words, the University of Connecticut hasn't lost since the 2008 Presidential Race.

UCONN star Maya Moore was hot, scoring 41 points, and dominating play against Florida State, with the team winning 93 to 62.

OK. That aside, let's talk.

All of that crap about comparing the UCONN women's team to the UCLA Men's Basketball Team coached by the late John Wooten is just that. Crap. It doesn't matter that the UCONN team that set the record for all of college basketball is female.

What matters is they did it, and we should get behind women's sports for that reason: we're in a golden age of great female athletes at play.  From Maya Moore at UCONN to Lindsay Vonn and Julia Mancuso in skiing, and the growing of acceptance of the strong woman in American culture, this is a great time for women in sports.

It's a total shame more women's sports don't get the support they need to generate profits. And it's really not just the fault of men, but women too.